Wholesale Soap

Planet Yum offers wholesale prices for legitimate businesses that wish to stock our beautiful products in their stores. You must be a registered business and provide us with your current ABN number. Please click the "Register Now" link below which will open up an email which will be sent to us for approval. Remember to answer all fields. If the link doesn't open an email on your system contact us at sales@planetyum.com.au or (02) 4422 9523. Once approved we will email you a unique password that allows you to purchase directly on our website with wholesale prices. For you to receive the wholesale price, minimum quantities apply in each category. Unless you order the minimum quantities your order will not progress. These are listed below.

You can order any combination within each category to meet the minimum order requirments. e.g 2 x Black Raspberry Cupcakes, 8 x Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes & 15 x  Mulberry Jube Cupcakes for a total of 25 cupcakes


Product Minimum Quantity
Cupcake Soaps 25 (can be mixed types)
Artisan Goat Milk Soaps 10 (can be mixed types
Everyday Goat Milk Soap 10 (can be mixed types)
Glycerin Soaps 10 (can be mixed types)
Triple Scented Candles 10 (can be mixed types)
Bath Bombs 10 (can be mixed types)
Milk Baths 10 (can be mixed types)
Bath Salts  10 (can be mixed types)
Bath Foams 10 (can be mixed types)
Perfumes 10 (can be mixed types)
Aroma Diffusers 10 (can be mixed types)

Click here to register for wholesale access nowIF THIS LINK DOES NOT OPEN AN EMAIL ON YOUR SYSTEM please contact us at sales@planetyum.com.au or (02) 4422 9523

Present your cupcake soaps on a lovely tiered cupcake stand for major impact to your customers.  Present soaps in baskets or boxes;   soaps look best when multiples of the same variety are stacked together, rather than a mixture of different types.
Presentation Ideas

ATTENTION : Please be aware our soaps are natural botanical oil based soaps (all handmade) NOT cheap detergent based formulas like you find in supermarkets, MYER, David Jones or common homeware shops or boutiques.  

We don’t offer credit or accounts, and we don’t sell on consignment.    The postage calculation at checkout will not be accurate especially if your order is quite large. There will be additional charges for postage required. We will contact you in regards to final charges, or you may wish to arrange your own courier as Australia Post can be quite expensive, especially if you live outside of NSW.                                             

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Will these soaps melt if it gets hot?
A: No. Unless it gets over 500C, but then I think we would all start to melt. There is no wax in the soap.
Q: What if my child eats it? Will it harm them?
A: Although some children enjoy eating soap, the natural ingredients in our soaps will NOT harm your child.
Q: Do you use any peanuts or nuts in your soap?
A: No. We don’t use peanuts. We do use ground almond meal as a natural exfoliator in some soaps. Also we use coconut oil. Coconut is not actually a nut as such. Coconut doesn’t cause nut allergy, but you can be allergic to coconut. You should check with your own medical expert about allergies and products.
Q: Are the decorations on your cupcake soaps & soap cakes edible sugar decorations?
A: No. They are all made from soap. The natural glycerin in the soap draws out the moisture from sugar based decorations over time which causes the decorations to deteriorate and turn syrupy and sludgy. We make our cupcake soaps to last!
Q: Can you actually wash with the soaps, particularly the cupcake soaps? They look a bit sharp.
A: Yes. All of our soaps are designed to be used. Once the water contacts the soap surface it smooths hard edges. The edges actually are not as hard as they look.
Q: What’s all that sparkly glitter stuff on the cupcakes made from? And the shiny gold on top of some of your soaps?
A: Cosmetic grade glitter which is safe for skin contact. Mineral mica which is the same used in mineral makeup.
Q: Is that real fruit and sea shells in the translucent soaps?
A: No. It’s all soap. We use various soap moulds and decorative techniques to effect the realistic look.
Q: Can I sell your products with my own label on them?
A: No. All Planet Yum products are covered under copyright laws. We can however, custom make products to your own designs and you can put your own label on them.

Q: Do I get free shipping?

A: No. Wholesale orders do not attract free shipping.    You may also wish to use your own courier for deliveries, especially outside of NSW as Australia Post can be quite expensive.