Vanilla Caramel Triple Scented Candle XL

Brand: Planet Yum Fine Fragrances
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Our extra large Vanilla Caramel triple scented candle is the most divinely decadent scent of smooth rich vanilla and sweet caramel. A popular choice. 80 hour burn time.


A winning combination of edible scents like sugar, vanilla, chocolate, & baked goods characterises the gourmand perfume family of aromas. 

Top Notes:  Sweet Sugar Maltol

Mid Notes: Buttery Caramel, Salted Caramel

Dry Notes:  Vanilla deluxe, Tonka Bean, Coumarin, Coconut



TIPS: Good choice of candle for the kitchen, and one of the best for gift-giving. Ingredients 

Approximately 80 hour burn time. Burn time dependent on atmospheric conditions and following correct burning procedures. Please follow burning instructions included with your candle.

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