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Soap Bar Square with Rounded corners.  This product is individually cut into separate pieces and trimmed for you.  

INGREDIENTS: Basic and most economical soap formula is Coconut oil (non-GMO), Australian Olive oil & Australian Canola oil and Shea butter.  This is quite a lovely fluffy sudsy and moisturising formula.  If you want other oils or butters included contact us for a quote as costs may increase, and a further payment may be required. 

DIMENSIONS: Approx 125g each Length 6.5cm X  Width 6.5cm X Thick 3cm

HOW TO PURCHASE (you may want to cut & paste this info)

1. Below the Add to Cart Button see > "AVAILABLE OPTIONS"  

2. Click the circle corresponding to the quantity you want.  Minimum order is 100 pieces. For example: if you want 100 pieces choose "100", if you want between 101 pieces and 500 pieces choose "101 to 500".  If you want 500+ pieces choose the last option.  The price you see in brackets is the reduction from the original price in pink above.

3. Then, you have to type the ACTUAL number of soaps you want in the QTY field.  (it seems complicated to have to repeat this, but this also gives you the freedom to choose as many pieces as you want, therefore you must specify a number in the QTY field). 

4. Click "ADD TO CART"

5. Continue on to the Checkout and finalise your payment.  PLEASE CHOOSE 'Pick Up From Store' or 'Free Postage' as your delivery option.  Otherwise you will be charged a fee for postage.  We will let you know what the postage fee payable will be closer to despatch.  

Then send us an Email with the following specifications: 

1. One Colour Soap:  Which colour?  Pastel, Light or Dark tone?

2. Two Colour Halves Soap: Half one colour, the other half another colour.  

3. Two colour swirl?  Which colours?  (Swirls look more dramatic when a colour is swirled through a white or light coloured soap).

4.  Any other specifications?  

Minimum order amount 100 pieces (further price breaks apply from 101+ pieces.

Maximum order amount 1000+

100 100

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