Over the Rainbow Cupcake Soap

Brand: Planet Yum Fine Fragrances
Product Code: OVERCC
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Over The Rainbow goat’s milk Cupcake Soap from Planet Yum is a celebration of the dreamy & beautiful scents of Oz. When Dorothy Gale crash landed in the Merry O'l Land of Oz what delights awaited her. As she opens the door into that technicolour dreamland, gigantic blossoms burgeon and perfume the air. Wash with this delicious soap and we guarantee you'll be protected from wicked witches as if you were wearing those ruby slippers. Every colour of the rainbow yields its sweet cotton candy like vanilla and berries. This is an amazing scent you are going to love with its soft purple grape-like note mingled with a never-ending field of pink poppies. Add a dash of the juicy ripe apples along the Yellow Brick Road & you're in Heaven, I mean...Oz. Want to see how we make it?  Watch our video here.

Approx 110g.  Cupcake comes packaged.  Ingredients.  Each cupcake soap is hand made; please allow for slight variations.

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