Japanese Honeysuckle Bubble Bath

Brand: Planet Yum Fine Fragrances
Product Code: JHBB
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Japanese Honeysuckle Bubble Bath is a fresh, powdery, fruity floral scent that has a bold, yet light aroma of fresh Spring honeysuckles of the Japanese variety. Warm oriental wood notes balance the fruit so the florals sing.  Not sweet and cloying like Grandma‚Äôs old-fashioned honeysuckle, but modern and sophisticated. 

Approx. 80g each.     4.5x4.5x3cm

Top Notes: English Freesia, Tokyo Plum... Mid Notes: Japanese Honeysuckle, Mimosa Petals...Base Notes:  Warm Amber, Pink Moss, Tonka, Vanilla, Oriental Woods

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate (food grade), citric acid (food grade), sodium lauryl sulphate, purified water, fragrance,  food colour 122 (rose pink)

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