Champagne & Strawberries Aroma Diffuser

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Introducing the most exquisite scent of celebration - Champagne & Strawberries eau de parfum strength Aroma Diffuser. Fruity, flirty, yet adultly sophisticated.  Create a sparkle in any roon of the house. 

150ml Eau de Parfum strength for 6 to 9 months fragrance.  With the highest concentration of aromatic essences, our Eau de Parfum gives you a more intense, longer-lasting aroma. Our Master perfumer has blended a unique formula of the finest ingredients for a uniquely sensual fragrance experience.



This fragrance family blends essences of strawberry, raspberry and berries of all hues. With an added splash of flowers to create a family of fruity cocktails that smell delicious.

  • Top Notes: Ripe Strawberries, Tart Raspberry, Lemon Oil
  • Mid Notes: Champagne, Green Leaves, Turkish Rose Petals, Japanese Ume Fruit 
  • Dry Notes:  Vanilla, White Musk, Cashmeran.


TIPS: Try the Champagne & Strawberries triple scented candle.

USAGE:  Ideal for a room that does not suit a candle.  Giving 24h/7 days a week fragrance.  Turn reed sticks once a month to give an instant recharge to the aroma. Place on a dish or waterproof surface in case perfume should drip.  Do not spray into face or eyes.  Not tested on animals.  Not to be taken or applied as a perfume to skin.

We blend only the finest quality fragrances for our premium quality Aroma Diffusers.  Each 150ml aroma diffuser lasts up to approximately 6 to 9 months.  Full Eau de Parfum strength just like your own fine perfumes.

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