We use local ingredients from local Australian suppliers. We don't use palm oil in our goat milk soaps.  We do not use genetically modified ingredients.



We never test on animals, and have confirmed with our raw ingredient suppliers that no raw materials have been tested on animals.  We do not test on animals any of our hand made products.  The only animal derived products we use are fresh goat milk sourced from our local suppliers in the NSW South Coast region, and we also use honey.  We use dehydrated milk powder in our milk bath products.  All other ingredients are vegetable based.



We use natural ingredients.  Natural being define as sourced from nature.  We also use synthetic materials, defined as those made by humans as 'identical to nature'. Aroma molecules have been matched synthetically to be exactly the same as nature's aroma molecules.  Please consider when deciding on "natural" (whatever that really means) Vs. "Synthetic", that it is more useful to consider if a material is "safe" or "unsafe".  For example, we will not use Rosewood essential oil because it is highly damaging to rainforests.  We prefer to conserve ecology by using a nature-identical & safe synthetic aroma.  If you  believe that only using essential oils is safer or preferable, please consider that even common essential oils can be toxic to some people.  Every human being is different & unique, and one material may be perfectly safe to one person and not another.  It is your own responsibility to check with your medical professional before using any product if you have any concerns about it.


Do we use chemicals?  Yes.  Everything in nature is a chemical composition including the human body.  Coconut oil is a chemical and has a chemical composition.  We do not use toxic chemicals.  We use hydroxides to make natural soap.  These chemicals are used to turn natural moisturising oils into a solid bar of soap.  There is little to no hydroxides present in bar soaps after it has cured for 4 weeks.  If present, hydroxide may remain at as little as 0.0001% which is furthered neutralised with the water used when soap is lathered on the skin.  Potassium hydroxide is present in a safely neutralised pH in our liquid castile soaps. 


All of our colours are deemed safe by the FDA which is the Authority who regulate food, drug, cosmetics & alcohol.  



We only use non-paraben based preservatives in our hand & body scrubs, creams, lotions & body butters.  We use a non-formaldehyde preservative.  We use a combination of propylene glycol, diazolidinyl urea & iodopropynyl butylcarbamate for any water based product as a successful and non-toxic broad spectrum against yeasts, fungi, microbial bacteria & viruses.  We have not found the same success with so-called "natural" preservatives.  Please beware of any product you purchase at handcrafted markets that claims to be a non-preserved product, or naturally preserved product.  Some people think things like vitamin E, grapeseed oil or rosemary are preservatives.  This is not true.  These are antioxidants which prevent natural oils from turning rancid.  Antioxidants will not prevent microbial growth & bacterial infections in products, and such growths can present life-threatening infections.  Even keeping those products in the fridge will not prevent growths.  We only use preservatives in water-based (non-soap) products.

We do NOT use synthetic foam boosters in our natural soaps like some other companies. We have worked hard to make our soaps perform with a beautiful creamy, frothy natural lather based on the natural oils we use in them. No soaps contain sodium lauryl sulphate, ammonium lauryl sulphate or any other sulphates. 



Our fragrances are composed of either essential oils and nature-identical aroma materials sourced from only the most reputable perfume suppliers who are regulated by IFRA (International Fragrances Regulation Authority).  We use our materials in quantities within IFRA's guidelines.  We are also licenced by N.I.C.N.A.S. (The National Industrial Chemicals Notification & Assessment Scheme) which is an Australian Government scheme which assesses and regulates if toxic ingredients are being used in products in Australia.  Our Licence number is 10284.


Skin Contact Products


LIST OF INGREDIENTS WE USE IN Various GOAT'S MILK SOAPS (not all of the below ingredients are used in every goat milk soap).  Please note:- We don't use any synthetic foam boosters like SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) in our natural goat milk soaps.

Natural soaps:  coconut oil, cocoa butter, canola oil, castor bean oil, olive oil, almond sweet oil, rosehip oil, natural Australian clay, ground pumice (volcanic rock), sandalwood powder, fresh goat milk (full strength, not powdered or diluted), FD&C approved safe colours, cosmetic grade glitters (as used in mainstream make-ups), mineral micas (as used in mineral make-ups), sodium hydroxide (see above - "Do we use chemicals?"), Sodium Lactate, cucumber extract, seaweed extract, green tea extract, manuka honey, ground almond meal, oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon myrtle leaf, vanilla oleoresin, rosemary oleoresin antioxidant, calendula infused oil, siberian ginseng (powdered). We do not use peanuts in any product, however, ingredients like almond meal may have been processed on the manufacturer's equipment which may contain traces of peanut.


LIST OF INGREDIENTS WE USE IN Various GLYCERIN SOAPS.   Please note:- We don't use any synthetic foam boosters like SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) in our natural glycerin soaps.

Glycerin soaps:  eco-sustainable Coconut Oil, Palm Oil (South American source), Glycerine (kosher, of vegetable origin), Sorbitol*(moisturizer), Sorbitan oleate* (emulsifer), Soy bean protein (conditioner). Nothing else added - No SLS, parabens, DEA or propylene glycol. FD&C approved safe colours & fragrances. We do NOT use any real fruit pieces in our glycerin soaps.  All fruit pieces are moulded fruit shapes made from natural glycerin based soap.



Almond sweet oil, cocoa butter, emulsifying wax (vegetable wax), cetearyl alcohol (not like drinking alcohol, this is a moisturising emollient fatty alcohol naturally produced when coconut oil is heated), natural vegetable derived glycerin, sodium lactate (natural derived salt from milk), Behentrimonium methosulfate [BTMS] (Conditioning Emulsifier derived from Canola oil), citric acid (food grade pH balancer), purified water, cocoa butter, preservative (see above), fragrance (see above), Hydrolysed Oat Protein (in Face Creams)



Sugar Scrubs: Sugar, almond sweet oil, Vitamin E, polysorbate, fragrance, FDA approved skin safe colours.  Mineral Bath Soaks consist of Australian kiln-dried Sea Salt, Magnesium salt (epsom salt), polysorbate, fragrance & colour (approved skin safe by FDA & IFRA).  Bath milks contain dehydrated milk (bovine), magnesium epsom salt, sodium lauryl sulfate (coconut derived cleanser and foam agent) which is also in your regular shampoos, toothpastes and other hygeine products. Bath milks contain skin safe fragrances, but each individual must make their own decision as to whether products will suit or irritate their own skin types.  Bath Milks do not contain colour agents.  Colour free.


LIST OF INGREDIENTS WE USE IN Natural Castile Liquid Soap Hand & Body Wash 

Coconut oil, Olive oil, Castor bean oil, Almond Sweet oil, natural vegetable glycerin (non-palm source), potassium hydroxide (A natural salt of potash, which is neutralised during the cooking & neutralisation stage of making this liquid soap to a mild skin-safe formulation - see hydroxides above), FD&C approved skin-safe colour, no added preservatives, Borax (natural salt based cleanser).  No artifical foam boosters (SLS or its relatives).


LIST OF INGREDIENTS WE USE IN Bath foams (bubble baths), Bath Melts & Milk Baths

Coconut oil, castor bean oil, olive oil, canola oil, cocoa butter, Citirc acid (food grade), sodium bicarbonate (food grade), SLSA (sodium lauryl sulfoacetate. This is neither a sulphate or SLS like sodium lauryl sulphate. It is a mild bubbling powder derived from coconuts, mild & good for sensitive skin), cocamidopropyl betaine (coco betaine) coconut derived bubbling agent, polyglucoside (Decyl glucoside) is a sugar derived cleanser ideal for sensitive skin as it is very mild, fragrance & colour (see above descriptions).  Milk Baths consist of dehydrated milk powder, magnesium salt (epsom salt), SLSA, fragrance & colours approved safe by FDA & IFRA.



Citric acid (food grade), sodium bicarbonate (food grade), fine fragrance aromas & essential oils, almond sweet oil.  We do not use corn starch in our bath bombs & bath fizzies, as cornstarch (or cornflour) can exacerbate yeast infections.  Sometimes we use confetti & cosmetic safe grade glitters or mineral micas. The colours we use are the same as the colours we use for our soaps, and these are approved skin-safe by the FDA. Please note, our bath bombs are formulated with with a natural wash off dispersant (polysorbate) to assist in non-staining, however, Planet Yum makes no guarantee that bath bombs will not stain surfaces, and will not accept any liability for any damage caused. All this being said, we have had no claims of our bath bombs leaving any stains on bath tubs, even if bath is not cleaned directly after use.



The colours we use in all of our products soaps are approved skin-safe by the FDA. Please note, our bath bombs are formulated with a natural wash off dispersant (polysorbate) to assist in non-staining, however, Planet Yum makes no guarantee that bath bombs will not stain surfaces, and will not accept any liability for any damage caused. All this being said, we have had no claims of our bath bombs leaving any stains on bath tubs, even if bath is not cleaned directly after use.  We have even tested bath bombs for staining on an old scratched & worn plastic bath tub with no staining even after waiting a week to clean it.

 Candles & Fragrant Wax Melts

We use a non-toxic, food-grade paraffin wax equivalent to that used for skin care.  This type of wax is highly refined and is approved by the F.D.A. for use in foods, cosmetics and medical applications.  Food-grade paraffin is often used these days to make candles because it is non-toxic and does NOT emit harmful chemicals when it burns.  We use non-toxic lead-free cotton wicks.  We scent with the world's finest fragrances regulated by IFRA (see above information regarding fragrances & essential oils).  We use soy wax or same wax as in our candles for our fragrant wax melts.  Our candles & fragrant wax melts are triple scented.  This means they are fully scented to the maximum amount of fragrance the wax can hold, so it gives the most powerful and widespread scent throw.  Some candle & melt manufacturers use half the amount of scent (double scented), some even less.  We only use glassware that is specifically designed for candles as our supplier advises us these are crack-resistant. All of our candle glass is fully inspected for cracks by us before wax is poured. We cannot make any warranties or garauntees that damage may occur in transit or in shop displays owned by our wholesale customers.  Please follow warning label safety instructions on the base of the candle. Particularly do not burn candles near soft furnishings such as curtains, rugs, or hard surfaces that may be damaged by heat, fire or wax. Please follow recommended burn times for your candle.  Do not exceed burn times as candle may overheat, which could cause cracking or fire.  Planet Yum will not be held liable for any damage caused by its candles. Liability transfers to the customer once customer takes receipt of the candle goods. Please note: All candle glassware is made specifically for candles to reduce risk of heat cracking glass while candle is burning. All glassware is inspected for cracks and damage prior to wax being poured, and is then checked again after candles have cooled fully in their glassware before dispatch. It is your responsibility to read all warning information on the label at the base of your candle, and to follow that information. Planet Yum makes no warranties that its candles will be free from defects once they leave our premises and transit through Australia Post. Please check your candle glass thoroughly before lighting. Planet Yum accepts no liability for any damages caused by its candles.  Also note, that this information constitutes part of our terms & conditions, which you must acknowledge you have read during the checkout process of your order.



Candle Safety - Centre Your Wick


How many times have you read over the warnings on a candle? Did you really pay attention, and did any of it even sink in?  We know it’s boring, but it is very important.   In fact, it’s vital for your own candle burning success and safety: 


Keep the wick in the centre


You're probably thinking this isn't your responsibility. Surely the manufacturer candle would craft a candle with a perfectly centred wick from top to bottom. Well, of course that’s true.  However, during the pouring process the wick can get pushed to the side. At Planet yum, we check every candle while it’s cooling to ensure the wick stays central, but after the wax turns opaque it is no longer visible.  When candles are shipped through the mail, or interstate/overseas they go through varying air pressures and temperature changes.  During these changes, wicks can move slightly. even though we adhere to all the safety precautions during the manufacturing process, using the correct materials and standards, but when the candle is burning, the responsibility is on the owner to make sure they provide the right environment and monitor the conditions. This is why the "Never burn a candle out of sight" or “Never leave a lit candle unattended” warning comes from. If your candle burns strangely it's up to you to make the necessary adjustments.  If you see the wick "creeping" to the side (it isn't actually moving or creeping, it's just hardened in the wax with a slight bend to it) this creates a poor burn quality and, more importantly, becomes a safety issue. If the wick is off-centre, the candle will burn unevenly and probably form soot on the side of the glass where the flame is too close. Not only is this ugly, you won't get all the hours out of your candle.  It may even stop burning totally as it drowns itself from too much wax melting down on top of it. Disappointing, but not the end of the world. If you leave this unadjusted things could get quite bad.  The glass can overheat and crack.  Wax can then spill out everywhere creating a mess and also a fire hazard!


So what should you do?  When you see the wick start to get off-centre:

  1. Extinguish the candle immediately.
  2. Use a wick dipper or similar implement to re-centre the wick.  Sink the wick dipper or tweezer down into the melted wax about 1/2" and use it to GENTLY push the wick towards the centre.  You never want to pull on the wick as you could end up pulling the wick completely out of the candle.
  3. Let the wax harden before you relight.  When you relight the candle, the wick will start in the centre and burn correctly.  If it starts to creep again after a while, repeat the process above as many times as necessary.  

Again, the consequences of not keeping it in check just aren't worth it the potential hazards!!   A little candle maintenance goes a long way, and being a responsible candle burner you will get to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere created by your candle.





We use the same quality fragrances.  We do not manufacture the base solvent that we add our fragrances into, so we cannot advise of its ingredients, but can advise that our supplier recommends it is not for human consumption.  Because it is 'propriety formula' it is kept as a patented secret by the manufacturer.  We suspect it is, like most perfumes, a mixture of grain alcohol, purified water and skin-safe perfume solvents. 



We use only finest quality aroma materials approved by IFRA at their regulated quantities, grain alcohol (perfumer's alcohol - non drinkable), cyclomethicone (silica sand-derived), FDA approved colours.

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