Tropical Tangerine Triple Scented Candle XL

Brand: Planet Yum Fine Fragrances
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Our extra large 80 hour Tropical Tangerine Triple Scented Candle sparkles with vibrant uplifting tangerines spliced with mouth watering tropical fruits.

FRAGRANCE FAMILY: Fruit/Citrus        

The Fruit family of perfumes is characterised by Peaches and pears, apples and plums. Sometimes a twist of tropical fruits and

essences of strawberry, raspberry and berries of all hues. For a combination of fruity & citrus we add a splash of the zesty, tangy aromas of the citrus family for a fruity citrus cocktail that smell delicious.

  • Top Notes: Tangerine, tropical pineapple, lemon juice,
  • Mid Notes: Tropical Coconut Cream, 
  • Dry Notes:  Warm White Musk, coumarin, New Mown Hay

TIPS: Ideal choice of candle for the kitchen or lounge.  Very uplifting - put’s you into a Summery feeling.


Approximately 80 hours.  Please note burn time depends upon atmospheric conditions.  Please follow instructions for burning included with your candle for best results.  Ingredients.

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