Vanillaberry Triple Scented Candle (M)

Brand: Planet Yum Fine Fragrances
Product Code: VANIBCANM
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Our Medium Vanillaberry triple scented candle smells so gorgeously delicious that you’ll want to eat it badly!  Imagine a rich creamy mixed berry panna cotta or mousse and you're there. 20 Hours burn time.

FRAGRANCE FAMILY: Gourmand.        

The Gourmand (French for love of food & drink) perfume family creates edible scents from foods & drinks, usually sweet perfumes.


  • Top Notes: Creamed Sugar Butter
  • Mid Notes: Mixed wildberries, panna cotta cream
  • Dry Notes:  Vanilla Beans, Tonka Beans. 

150g Nett. Fully Scented.

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