Vanillaberry Triple Scented Candle (L)

Brand: Planet Yum Fine Fragrances
Product Code: VANBERCANL
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Our Large Vanillaberry triple scented candle smells so gorgeously delicious that you’ll want to eat it badly!  Imagine a rich creamy mixed berry panna cotta or mousse and you're there. 50 Hours burn time.

FRAGRANCE FAMILY: Gourmand.        

The Gourmand (French for love of food & drink) perfume family creates edible scents from foods & drinks, usually sweet perfumes.


  • Top Notes: Creamed Sugar Butter
  • Mid Notes: Mixed wildberries, panna cotta cream
  • Dry Notes:  Vanilla Beans, Tonka Beans. 

TIPS: Good choice of candle for any room, especially the kitchen.  Everyone loves it!

Approximately 50 hours.  Please note burn time depends upon atmospheric conditions.  Please follow instructions for burning included with your candle for best results.  Ingredients.

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