Home Fragrance

Home Fragrance

Home Fragrance Aroma Diffusers, Triple Scented Candles, Soy Wax Melts to lift the mood & atmosphere & awaken your senses. We know that making your home special is about more than just the furniture, so now you can enhance your home & your spirit while you eliminate odours with delicate scents that soothe all who enter your abode.  So create your lifestyle with our range of Triple Scented Candles, Aroma Diffusers & Soy Wax Melts for oil burners today. At Planet Yum there's a home fragrance product to match your mood for every room.  



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Please note: All candle glassware is made specifically for candles to reduce risk of heat cracking glass while candle is burning. All glassware is inspected for cracks and damage prior to wax being poured, and is then checked again after candles have cooled fully in their glassware before dispatch. It is your responsibility to read all warning information on the label at the base of your candle, and to follow that information. Planet Yum makes no warranties that its candles will be free from defects once they leave our premises and transit through Australia Post. Please check your candle glass thoroughly before lighting. Planet Yum accepts no liability for any damages caused by its candles. Please see our terms & conditions  Section 13 for more information.