HDPE Soap Mold

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Tired of lining your soap moulds?  Sick of logs that are thinner towards the centre of the log - even silicon logs tend to bow.  The HDPE Log soap mould creates the perfect uniform shaped soap bar every time. Made from High Density (food grade) Plastic, this material is perfect for cold process soap making.

Assembly is easy. The HDPE soap mould is easily assembled by placing all the sides and bottom together, then screwing in 3 easy turn rods.

No Lining required:  For soap recipes with more hard oils, you may not even need to line the mould. Recipes high in soft oils that produce a stickier soap will require lining. Lining is easy. You don't need to line the whole surface as the mould will not leak. You only need to place one sheet of greaseproof paper down the side, across the bottom, and up the other side.  When your soap has cooled, simply unscrew the 3 screws on the mould and pull it apart.  You now have a perfectly uniform soap log ready for cutting. 

How Much Soap Does It Hold:  Makes a 1.81kg block of soap. This makes a soap bar which is 8.25cm wide.  The height will depend on how much you fill the mould, but if you fill it full your bar will be approximately 5.08cm high.  The HDPE soap log mould also comes with a wooden lid for the top and is made with HIGH DENSITY FOOD GRADE PLASTIC, HDPE. This material is perfect for soap making of all types.

Measurements: Inside measurements: 36.8cmL  x  8.25 cmW  x  6.98 cmD. MAKES  8.25cm X  5.08cm bars when soap is cut.

(Please note, the picture shows 2 soap moulds, but you are purchasing 1). Also please note that this item is shipped from USA and usually takes around 2  - 3 weeks for delivery

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