Beer Artisan Goat Milk Soap

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Beer Goat Milk Soap

Now you can bathe with the brew you love.

Two things are certain in life - B.O. is bad, and beer is goooood! Right guys? Planet Yum's Extra Stout Beer Soap is made from genuine Guinness, but don't worry, it doesn't smell like the day old left-overs from a buck's party. You'll get a natural hint of herbal hops & sweet barley from the Guinness, and some deep sexy masculine notes of amber and light citrus refresher. Because this is natural goat milk soap (the real deal with creamy skin nourishing cocoa butter) you can even wash your hair or shave with this soap because the beer's proteins strengthen hair shafts and condition skin cells.


Want to see how we make our Artisan goat's milk soaps?  Watch our video here.


Approx 145g.  Ingredients. 

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