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Wouldn't you love to have your very own line of luxury moisturising bath bombs?  Bath bombs are very popular and highly sought after by customers, especially because good bath bombs are very hard to find these days.  Here at Planet Yum we make some of the best bath bombs in Australia with a guaranteed fizz, great fragrances and natural moisturising sweet almond oil. You can choose canola if you wish for a nut-free oil.

INGREDIENTS: pharmaceutical grade bicarb soda, food grade citric acid, Australian canola oil, polysorbate, High Quality Australian fragrances and essential oils, skin safe FDC approved colours.  

DIMENSIONS:  Billiard Ball size Approx 150g each.  Appears as 6cm x 6cm if flat 2 dimensional object.  Circumference (around equator) is 19.5cm, diameter is approx 6cm.  MINIMUM ORDER QTY: 1000.

HOW TO PURCHASE (you may want to cut & paste this info) PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME & READ THOROUGHLY.

1. First decide out of your 1000 bath bombs how many different styles you want. For example, 1000 bath bombs รท 4 styles = 250 bath bombs of each style.  You can choose any other combination as long as you keep adding them to the cart and end with 1000 bath bombs total.

Below the Add to Cart Button see > "AVAILABLE OPTIONS" 


Choose a colour at 'colour 1'.  If you want a two colour bath bomb then choose another colour at 'colour 2' .  If you just want it 1 colour then choose 'no other colour' at option 2.


Please choose a fragrance.


Choose how many of that style you want.  Type the quantity amount into the QTY field above the "Add to Cart" button.   Then click ADD TO CART.

Continue choosing your styles and adding to cart until you have 1000 bath bombs in your trolley.


Continue on through the checkout by clicking your pink trolley.  The checkout button is green.  Finalise your order, then contact us if you need to tell us any further specifications.


Please allow 2 weeks for manufacture.  *Freight charges are not included in this price.  We willl quote freight once actual weight of order is known and advise of further payment required.  You may wish to arrange your own courier or we can send via Australia Post. We endeavour to pack 80 bombs to a box which weighs approximately 12 kilograms.  There'll be about 12 boxes in total, therefore weighing approximately 140- 150 kilos.  Approximate cost for delivery through Australia Post varies from State to State. Within NSW it is approximately $200.

(02) 4422 9523 Contact us to discuss which colours and fragrances you would like, or leave your comments in the checkout. You will only be able to see and order the bulk wholesale price once you have been approved for wholesale access.

*You can arrange to pick up from our store at North Nowra NSW at no cost, or you can arrange your own courier.

Pomegranate Pomegranate
Black Raspberry Vanilla Black Raspberry Vanilla
Champagne Strawberry Champagne Strawberry
Energy Citrus Energy Citrus
Lavender Lavender
Tangerine Tangerine
Vanilla Caramel Vanilla Caramel
Rose Victorian Roses
Ocean Breeze Ocean Breeze
White Florals White Florals

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