Cashmere Perfume

Brand: Planet Yum Fine Fragrances
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Planet Yum Fine Fragrances brings you the most beautiful cashmere scent of all. Classicaly soft floral in its powdery and warm muskiness.  Fresh notes of bergamot and zest open the perfume for the classic feminine rose heart mingled with violet, jasmine and white musk.  Base notes of Egyptian musk, sandalwood & suede add that classic chic dry down.

  • Top Notes: Golden Peach, Guava, Ambered Apricot, Sicilian Bergamot. 
  • Mid Notes: White Tahitian Petals, Mimosa blossoms, Fresh Jasmine.
  • Dry Notes: Suede, Woody Vanilla, Sandalwood, Egyptian Musk.


About the family:   Soft, powdery and sometimes sweet, musky and creamy. If the sparkling aldehydic top notes of Chanel No.5 and her abstract florals and sweet balsamic woods appeal, then you’ll love fragrances from the Soft Floral family.

100ml Eau de Parfum


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