Burlesque Bath Bomb

Brand: Planet Yum Fine Fragrances
Product Code: BURLESQ
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Planet Yum's Burlesque Bath Bomb is a classy act.  As you begin your bath time strip, Burlesque Bath Bomb teases you with her sexy aromas.  The spotlight of fresh sparkling citron top notes reveals a sensual water hyacinth, jasmine & iris on a beautifully lit stage.  As her act reaches its scintillating climax you're left with the smoothest base notes of teakwood and amber.  A glitzy bling of vetiver, white musk and an ornament of patchouli makes Burlesque one hard act to follow. You'll feel so relaxed and uninhibited that you'll either desire a deep sleep, or the feeling that something more scintillating might be waiting for you in the bedroom. Read Customer Reviews.


Approx 155g.  Ingredients.

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