Champagne & Strawberries Mineral Bath Salts

Brand: Planet Yum Fine Fragrances
Product Code: CHAMPBS
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Part of our Champagne & Strawberries Collection, Planet Yum's Champagne & Strawberries mineral bath soak fills the air with the scent of celebration.  Our Champagne & Strawberries Mineral Bath Soak is packed with muscle relaxing magnesium epsom salts & the effervescent bubbly aroma of sweet champagne and ripe juicy strawberries, you won't have to wait for a special occasion. With a hint of tart raspberry & romantic rose petals, this mineral bath soak is perfection for your aching body, and ideal in a foot bath.


USAGE:  Fill your footbath or tub with warm water and sprinkle in a handful of crystals. Immerse feet or whole body and soak to your heart's content.


280g.  Fully biodegradable & not tested on animals.  Ingredients.

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